Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 04 December 2018 | Modified: 11 December 2018


RRP: £14.99

Where to shop: Amazon 


This board game is perfect for groups, as it can have up to 8 players. Players are split into two teams, with one player on each team assuming the role of ‘spy master’. The spy master’s role is to make their team name the codewords that will earn them points. E.g. the codeword could be wood, so the spymaster would say words such as tree, fence, door etc. Codenames depends heavily on the spymaster to think quickly, so this game can lead to some pretty hilarious arguments.


 The Awkward Storyteller


RRP: £20.00

Where to shop: Head over to Amazon 


This game will be sure to give you a giggle when listening to everyone’s hilarious stories. It is not a competitive game but designed for fun. It is also perfect for groups in the office, as it can have up to 11 players. The storyteller selects a story card and reads out the caption upon it, which will be the first line of a story that that has yet to be created. It is up to the other players to select cards to continue the storyline. This one relies on creativity, so why not pass round a box of our Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies to get everyone in the mood!


 Big Potato Colourbrain


RRP: £24.99

Where to shop: Amazon  

This game is perfect for everyone. This game is all about colour- e.g. can you remember the colours of the Google logo? The Olympic rings? Even the colours on a jar of marmite! Each team holds eleven colour cards in front of them and together you have to figure out which ones to put down to answer the colour question. This game can also have up to 20 players.


 Big Potato Obama Llama 2


RRP: £22.00

Where to shop: Amazon


A second Obama Llama game has just been released, so get ready for a double dose of super fun rhyming charades game in the office this Christmas. It is fast paced, team orientated and totally ridiculous. Players split into two teams and attempt to solve the weird and wonderful rhymes on the cards.


Inflatable Reindeer Antler Game


RRP: £8.99

Where to shop: Amazon


This game is Christmas themed, and an easy one to play in the office with all colleagues. The Reindeer antlers are easy to inflate and sit on top of said colleagues head. Other said colleague then throws inflated rings onto the antlers. A simple and effective game for everyone to enjoy!

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