Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 20 December 2018 | Modified: 20 December 2018

These are the top 4 gifts on our wish list this year.


Monster Mushions


RRP: £24.99

Where to shop: Firebox


All I want for Christmas is… a massive cushion with your face on it! This is perfect for gifting, rather than receiving- unless there is a face you are desperate to have staring at you while you sleep. For only 24.99, you can get your face (or someone else’s) printed on a giant personalised cushion. Perfect for all your big-headed friends.


Bloom & Wild Flower Subscription


RRP: various prices

Where to shop: Bloom & Wild


All I want for Christmas is…letterbox flowers. For a whole year. Are we dreaming? Bloom & Wild offer Flower subscriptions ranging from 3 months to a full year, sending a different bouquet of flowers to your chosen address every month. There are different subscriptions based on your wants/needs, e.g. there is a hand-tied subscription for the finest, luxurious flowers. There is also a regular subscription for the flower team to send out your favourite blooms. The best part of the subscription is that if you are away on holiday or just want to take a break for a while, you can pause your subscription at any time from your account, and resume it just as easily. For those with household pets, pet safe flowers can also be supplied.



Miles Aldridge prints


RRP: various prices

Where to buy: various galleries


All I want for Christmas is… a Miles Aldridge Print. Miles Aldridge is one of our favourite photographers/artists. He is a British fashion photographer/artist, and has shot covers for the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. His art has been hosted by many private and public galleries all over the world, and although not easily purchased, we could not have left this out of our Christmas wish list this year.


The Ginger Pig Butchery Class


RRP: various prices

Where to buy: The Ginger Pig


All I want for Christmas is…a Ginger Pig Butchery Class. This is a fabulous experience for anyone who would like a hands-on lesson in meat and traditional butchery skills. We can learn more about where the meat comes from, pick up new skills, and get the most from each cut. Depending on what voucher you have, there is also a two course informal meal in Askew or Moxon, and a Borough Market produce feast in the Cathedral St location. You will also get to take your butchered produce home with you, whether it be a joint or sausages!

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