Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 10 December 2018 | Modified: 11 December 2018

Prosecco lovers! Feel like Gin has been stealing your thunder recently? Then we hear you! Here we have listed our top 5 gifts for Prosecco lovers this Christmas.


No. 1

Prosecco Cocktail Dipper 

RRP: £6.00

Shop at: Head over to our Not On The High Street Shop to buy this Prosecco favourite.


Well, we just HAD to start with our famous Prosecco Cocktail Dippers- (it would be rude not to). This nostalgic treat has an adult kick- containing an alcohol content of a whopping 10%. This Cocktail Dipper is made up of a deliciously indulgent Prosecco lollipop, paired with an alcoholic sweet peach gel and a handmade raspberry sherbet.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying this amazing creation yet, then head over to our Not On The Highstreet shop page to buy now!


No. 2

F.I.Z.Z - Fizz Your Drink

RRP: £6 or all 3 flavours for £15

Shop at: Shop the individuals or the gift set over on our shop.  


Our F.I.Z.Z is the next big thing for all you Prosecco lovers out there. This product is the latest in our innovation and looks like a small tablet that works like a miniature bath bomb, turning your glass of fizz into a flavoured Bellini or spritz in seconds. F.I.Z.Z comes in three flavours; Rhubarb Mimosa, Tropical Passion Fruit & Elderflower Spritz. Each box comes with 10 effervescent F.I.Z.Z tablets. We can guarantee that your Prosecco loving recipient will be amazed with this gift!



No. 3

Make your own Prosecco Pops

RRP: £24.99

Shop at: Our friends over at Firebox


We like to follow our own rules- eating your drink is way more fun. It may be December, but who doesn’t love their Prosecco ice cold? This product created by Firebox includes everything you need to make your Prosecco Pops at home (except for the sugar- but who doesn’t have this laying around the house), so yes! It even comes with its own Prosecco. As Firebox say, it’s like a classy version of a Calippo. Who would complain?


No. 4

Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies: The Party Selection

RRP: £14.99

Shop at: Our catalog is full of Prosecco cocktail confections

If you hadn’t heard of us before this article, then we introduce to you our signature product; the Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies. Our Party Selection is the perfect gift for a loved one at Christmas, and also provides the solution of bringing something different than a bottle of fizz to the Christmas Party! This Selection comes with our first ever Prosecco based Gummy; The Pineapple Bellini. Gift your Prosecco Lover something they can’t drink from a bottle this Christmas!


Each Selection includes 8 Gummies, at 7% Alc. This is equivalent to half a shot! Just remember, Please Eat Responsibly!



No. 5

ASOS Fizz Pongsecco

RRP: £8.99

Shop at: The pong to your secco is available over on ASOS 


Liven up the Christmas Party with Pongsecco! Beer Pong was so last year. This set includes 12 clear plastic cups, 3 gold ping-pong balls and oh, let’s not forget the instructions, you’ll probably need to keep checking them after the first few glasses! Our favourite thing about this gift is that it’s the kind of gift you can enjoy too! After all, Pongsecco can’t be played by one player…

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