Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 11 December 2018 | Modified: 11 December 2018

Here we have listed our top 4 gifts for Whisky lovers this Christmas. Because there’s only so many times you can gift that special someone the same bottle of their favourite scotch.


No. 1

Spirit of Christmas Whisky Baubles

RRP: £34.99

Shop at: Grab your baubles, these are available over at Firebox  


Well, the tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this year.

Leave those dusty decorations in the attic and swap them for these boozy baubles this Christmas. The set contains 6 festive baubles filled with the Lakes Distillery’s award winning ONE British Blended Whisky, which gives a heady aroma of fresh fruits, treacle and light spices combined with balanced notes of honey-roasted nuts and a gentle woody smoke.



No. 2

Pear & Vanilla Edible Fragrance

RRP: £19.99

Shop at: Our catalog is full of boozy confections, head over there to find all the Edible Fragrances


Created like a traditional fragrance, this new product can be used to garnish your any drink, as it is completely edible! Spritz on top of your whisky, or around the rim of the glass to provide an instant garnish, enhancing flavours by 80%. Alternatively, forget the whisky altogether and spritz onto skin and lick right off!


No. 3

Japanese Whisky Masterclass at Map Maison

Price: tickets from £50.00-£90.00

Shop at: Head over to Design My Night to check out the available dates and times 


Enjoy a cocktail masterclass inspired by Japanese Whisky. Their head mixologist will introduce you to the world of Japanese Whisky through stories surrounding its heritage and culture, allowing you to get hands on behind the bar in this interactive experience. Depending on the ticket, you will receive a welcome drink, 3 or 4 samples of premium Japanese Whisky’s and 2 cocktails! The session lasts 1.5 hours, so plenty of time for all things Japanese Whisky.


No. 4

Bulletproof Whisky Glass

RRP: £19.99

Shop at: Firebox are at it again, this Bulletproof Whisky Glass is available on their website.  

This whisky glass has kindly taken a (genuine 0.308 calibre) bullet for you to enjoy your tipple in something a little extra. Each tumbler was lovingly hand-blown in the US so that every glass has its own unique character. Top tip: use like you are in a slow motion western movie.

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