Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 12 November 2018

Our beloved and versatile friend we know as vodka, has been drunk and enjoyed for centuries, so we want to educate you on the history and wonders of the spirit. Vodka is one of the purest of spirits in the market and can be used to create the most delicious cocktail, in a martini glass or in a delightful Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies form (our favourite). Find out about how it’s made and its origins, as well as this get to know our Innovation director Emile Sinclair’s top recommendations and how to create the best Smith & Sinclair inspired vodka cocktail.


What are the ingredients in vodka?

Vodka is based upon the fermentation of grains or potatoes (yes, technically 1 of our 5 a day…healthy right?), popular grains include corn, rice, rye or wheat – all depending on the locations of the distillers. As the spirit world entered the twentieth century, brands decided to experiment with vodka to bring new and innovative tastes to drinks. Ingredients such as herbs, grasses, spices and fruits are added to create a flavouring to the spirit – this adds an extra element to a cocktail or an added zing when drinking it straight.


How is vodka made?

The fermentation process is very straight forward due to the small amount of ingredients and purified outcome. The fermentation process is where you add sugar to yeast causing a chemical reaction and transforming into alcohol. The grain or potatoes fermented and then distilled to increase the purity and alcohol content. At this stage the liquid is around 16% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), once heated in the still, the alcohol evaporates and is separated making a vodka that is normally between 30-40% ABV.


When & where did vodka originate from?

Well, the history of where exactly vodka originates from is still not set in stone: the Russians and Polish have a slight disagreement here. The spirit has been devoured since the 14th century in eastern and northern Europe, as the 1930’s appeared western Europe and north America discovered the spirit and incorporated throughout medicine and bars.


Enjoying vodka the Smith & Sinclair way

Whether it’s creating Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies with half a shot of vodka or bringing you the best vodka cocktails to try at home – our Innovation Director, Emile Sinclair loves to experiment with this versatile spirit.

After trying and testing a number of vodka brands, Emile recommends investing in a bottle of Beluga Vodka to truly get the best out of the spirit. It is extremely smooth and is the perfect ingredient to create a Martini or if you fancy a taste of summer, include it in our twist on the Aperol Spritz – the Aperol Twist.

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