Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 15 November 2018 | Modified: 16 November 2018

1. The Naughty or Nice Selection of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

RRP: £15.00
Where to shop: Be a little naughty and treat yourself, or be nice & treat your friend here
Are you looking for the perfect present for somebody who's nice... but also a little naughty? We've created the ultimate stocking filler and the gift that'll keep on giving, whether it's for secret Santa or just because. Say hello to our Limited Edition Naughty or Nice box. 
The Naughty or Nice Selection Includes:
2 x Mocha Espresso Martini
2 x Amaretto Sour
2 x Cherry & Hibiscus Bramble
2 x Mandarin Aperol Spritz
These Gummies hold a subtle kick at 7% ABV (equivalent of ½ shot of alcohol) and are also 100% Vegan.

2. Edible Fragrance 

RRP: £20.00
Where to shop: Treat that special someone to the Edible Fragrance, garnish your drink or lick it right off. 
Created like a traditional fragrance, our Edible Fragrances can be worn on the skin or used to garnish drink and food, as it’s completely edible!
These Edible fragrances come in 3 flavours; Pear & Vanilla, Watermelon & Citrus, and Cherry Blossom & Mandarin. They can be used to add a playful twist to the way you consume your drink. Spritz directly onto your warming Brandy, Espresso Martini or a Black Delicate Tea, as this’ll provide an instant twist, by enhancing flavours by 80%.
Alternatively, spritz onto skin and lick right off- you know, if you’re into it.

3. Cocktail F.I.Z.Z

RRP: £6.00
Where to shop: Our Cocktail F.I.Z.Z is available from our website. 
F.I.Z.Z. Is our newest product and is here to take the hassle out of cocktail-making. It is a revolutionary effervescent tablet that will turn your average glass of fizz into a bar-worthy cocktail in seconds. Whether you're hosting a party, bringing the fancy plates out for dinner or just want to fix yourself something nice, pop one tablet into a glass your glass of fizz to watch the colour and flavour transform before your eyes.
We recommend pairing your Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. with a glass of Prosecco, Champagne or G&T; equally delicious when dropped into a non-alcoholic drink of choice. Designed to dissolve completely into your drink.

4. Boozy Soaps

RRP: £7.99
Where to shop: Head over to Firebox to browse their boozy products here.  
Now this is our kind of soap. There are 3 flavours of these Boozy Soaps; Beer, Whisky and Wine. Yes- they are made with REAL wine, whisky and beer. Each bar of soap is full of natural ingredients to make your skin happy, including rosemary leaf extract and cranberry seed.

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