Written by: Diogo Pestana | Posted: 26 September 2018 | Modified: 08 November 2018

Happy National Rum Day! Let’s celebrate with a taste of the Caribbean and sip on a beautiful spiced Smith & Sinclair exclusive cocktail: The Pink Spiced Berry Daiquiri.

The Berry Daiquiri Edible Cocktail is very close to our Innovation Director’s heart, Emile formed this creation and right from the start it has been a definite favourite. We have brought out brand new flavours of Rum Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies and we think you would love them. We now have a Passionfruit Mojito with Passionfruit Sugar and a new improved recipe of the beloved Berry Daiquiri with Pepper Sugar.

Our Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies are the perfect accompaniment to any occasion so why not bring a box of cocktails to it? We now have 6 selection boxes for 6 occasions – After Dinner, Night In, Celebration, Party, Gin Obsessed and the For You selection. To find out more about our cocktail confections, head over to our shop.

Pink Spiced Berry Daiquiri

Ingredients/Measurements per serve

Aged Rum 50ml

Lime Juice 25ml

Sugar Syrup 15ml

Raspberries x4

Strawberries x2

Pink Peppercorn ½ teaspoon

Finishing Touches

Smith & Sinclair Berry Daiquiri Edible Cocktail - part of our Celebration Selection Box


  1. Chill your Coupe glass with ice & set aside.

  2. Dunk in spicy Pink Peppercorns into your shaker.

  3. Add in the raspberries and strawberries, muddle away into a purée.

  4. Splash in the warm Aged Rum, lime juice and sugar syrup into the mix.

  5. Top up with ice and give it a shake for 15 seconds.

  6. Double strain into the chilled glass.

  7. Pair & enjoy with a Smith & Sinclair Berry Daiquiri Edible Cocktail.

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