Written by: Alicia Hatcher | Posted: 18 January 2019 | Modified: 18 January 2019

Ruby Spice Cocktail


Ingredients/Measurements per serve


75ml Orange Juice Juice 

75ml Ruby Grapefruit Juice 

25ml Spiced Sugar*

15/20ml Lime Juice (half lime) 

½ Egg White


Finishing Touches


Ginger Beer

Thyme Sprig

Cayenne powder


Spiced Sugar*

Ginger Powder 1 teaspoon

Cardamom Pods x3

Sugar 200g

Water 200ml


Add all ingredients to a pan and bring to a boil and take of heat and allow to cool to room temp then pass through a sieve and put in a container and store in fridge



To Build Cocktail


  • Fill up cocktail shaker with all main ingredients
  • Top up with Ice
  • Seal the shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds
  • Serve in Tall glass
  • Top up with Ginger Beer Garnish with Thyme Sprig and dust with cayenne powder. Serve with a straw.

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