Our hero product, the Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, are the perfect innovative, no-mess-and- delicious add on for an event.

From wedding receptions, conferences, birthdays, summer parties, Christmas parties & everything else in-between, our Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies offer that ‘something different’ for guests to enjoy.

The main things to remember are: 5 and you can’t drive, each gummy contains ½ a shot and all our Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies are vegan.
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Our stand alone unit contains up to 800 gummies at one time.

A Smith & Sinclair host will arrive to set up and pour the individually packaged Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies into the tubes for guests to grab and go as they please.

Branded pick n mix bags can also be provided at an additional cost.

If you would like the Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies to be served as an alternative drink/canapé option, our bespoke trays allow our hosts to mingle in the crowds and serve up some cocktail goodness.

Sent directly to you ahead of your event, we can package up your order for you to be able to add to individual place settings or in goody bags/wedding favors.