The name of this experience says it all, bubbles that you can eat. This instant party starter immediately engages your guests, no matter their age, and transports them to a world of taste, touch, smell and play.

Our Edible Bubbles can be delivered in an array of flavours either from our menu or bespoke to your preference and/or brand. Whether it's a product launch party, summer party or wedding reception, this immersive experience will add a layer of joy.

A Smith & Sinclair host will always be available to man the machinery and encourage guests to engage in participating.
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Previous flavors of Edible Bubbles include: Citrus, chocolate milkshake, Pornstar Martini, gin, vodka, strawberry, and even Thai curry.

Want something more unique for your brand? We can bring it to life in edible form. Please note, bespoke flavors come at additional costs.

If you are also interested in adding a bespoke touch, there are opportunities to add your logo in the form of a vinyl sticker to the plinths used.