Our Vapor Orb is the showstopper for all events. We have removed all traditional ways of serving a cocktail, including swapping taste for scent... up to 80% of taste is derived from smell after all.

A Smith & Sinclair host will be on hand to make an inhalable cocktail in the form of a dry ice flavor explosion. Not only a new way to taste a flavor, which can be pretty much anything you wish, but an Instagramable moment to say the least.

Once served a beautiful mist appears from our cocktail pot making it an eye-catching moment for everyone in the same room.

A Smith & Sinclair host will be on hand to set up and deliver the experience throughout your event.
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Previous cocktails (mocktail alternatives of the below are also offered during the event) served include: Pornstar Martini, Mojito, Absinthe, Amaretto Sour and G&T.

If you are looking for something a little different flavor wise. previous examples include: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chocolate Pudding, Mint Mouthwash, Moroccan Spiced Coffee and The Ocean (Yes, we made that happen!)

Please note: Bespoke flavours are developed at an additional cost.

If you're also interested in adding a bespoke touch, there are opportunities to add your logo in the form of a vinyl sticker to the LED Vapor Orb plinths