The Happy Hour Trio (Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies)


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The ultimate candy for grown ups, for any time of day consumption. 3 bags containing 12 gummies each, this trio includes:

1x The Party Bag Mocktail Candy Gummies: 4x Watermelon Margarita Flavored Gummies, 4x Moscow Mule Flavored Gummies,4x Gin & Tonic Flavored Gummies

1x The Celebration Bag Mocktail Candy Gummies: 4x Passion Fruit Mojito Flavored Gummies, 4x Berry Daiquiri Flavored Gummies, 4x Spring Paloma Flavored Gummies

1x The Bubbles Bag Mocktail Candy Gummies: 4x Berry Royale Mimosa Gummies, 4x Pineapple Bellini Gummies, 4x Mandarin Spritz Gummies

How to use it

Simply rip open the packaging, remove the gummy, and allow the product to rest on the palate. Then consume in two bites for a real burst of flavor.

Nutritional info

Coming soon...


  • Vegan
  • Non-alcoholic
  • No gluten ingredients

The perfect treat

Can't decide on one of our charming Mocktail Candy Gummies? Don't worry, now you have the opportunity to indulge in all three of our fabulous non-alcoholic candies!

Who can I gift these to?

The ultimate candy gift for grown ups. A quality, crafted gummy with expertly blended mix of fresh fruit, herbs, syrups and natural flavorings to taste just like your favorite cocktails, without any of the alcohol.

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